Alley Walk – Daytime Edition

Alley Walk Daytime Edition

During this event, we invited a group of people who had been instrumental to the project to join us for a walk through the alley we propose to use for our site-specific installation, Wrong Way.

We began the walk with a simple series of instructions.

  1. Recognition of things as they are:
    • We are on occupied land
    • Buildings are as they are
    • Structure and fixtures dictate certain rules – technology will not be good in many spaces
    • Reality of the space: accessing owners of structures and what they will allow
    • Recognising who isn’t there – who’s voices are missing
  1. Visualization:
    • Grounding exercise
      • localising of self
      • finding body from head down
      • feeling solid in location
    • Opening of self to the impulses of the metaphysical space
  1. Explorations:
    • Using the body and senses to move through the space to discover
    • Maintaining awareness of the space and constraints
    • Sensing the body’s liberty of movement – how does your body need to move
    • Using methods to record information, thoughts, sensations, perceptions

After this series of thoughts and localising of ourselves, we proceeded with an individual and measured walk through Goudie’s Lane. Some people brought cameras and recorded their impressions visually. Others wrote in journals. Some kept their impressions to themselves.

The walk concluded with a debrief in a local cafe.