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Work with PNFC and Healing the Seven Generations! Job in Kitchener Ontario. PNFCJobDescription-Photo (Download PDF)

Digital photography facilitator

Job Summary

We are looking for an experienced youth facilitator who has a background in digital photography for a series of workshops leading to a larger project. The workshops will be geared around building photographic social media (Instagram, with possible sharing to Facebook and Twitter) leading to a final storytelling project of documentation and interpretation of Indigenous sites in Waterloo Region. The series of workshops are geared around skill-building in photography with a focus on using this medium as a tool of visual expression for healing. The position will require facilitating a once per week, 2 hour session for a total of 15 sessions starting in mid November 2018.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • co-facilitate photography and basic social media workshops
  • assist participants with composition and editing of photos
  • assist in teaching basic social media posting including hashtags for photos

Skills and Qualifications

  • experience in photography and photography for social media
  • experience with digital storytelling
  • the successful candidate should have a demonstrable personal creative practice
  • preference will be given to those who have an understanding or context in working with Indigenous communities
  • previous experience in working with youth

Remuneration: $20/hr

Email resume to: terre@pinandneedle.ca

Deadline: September 14, 2018


Pins and Needles Fabric Company is an intersectional, indigenous based, disabled practice in the arts. In this practice of art-making our focus is heavily on moving through and beyond historic and current traumas into spaces of understanding and healing. We create work from a community level focusing on hidden stories, fictional narratives, and fantastic realities.

Pins and Needles Fabric Company is a research focused, inter-arts, and multi-disciplinary practice that exists at the intersections of science and society, arts and technology, and methods and math. Through these lenses, we build art, we build communities, and engage in pedagogies that authenticate lived realities and the meaning of justice.



The Healing of the Seven Generations assists First Peoples residing in the Region of Waterloo and surrounding areas. We work with individuals and families who are suffering the inter-generational impacts of the residential school system. This includes growing up in dysfunctional families; emotional, physical, sexual, and spiritual abuses; poor self-esteem or poor self-image as a First Peoples person; loss of culture; lack of awareness of cultural identity, teachings, values, and traditions; poverty, and addictions.

We welcome First Peoples from all ages, genders, and cultural groups, including status and non-status First Nations, Métis, and Inuit individuals and families.


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