Wrong Way workshop presentation

Wrong Way Workshop Presentation

February 13th at 2pm and at 7pm.
Tannery School of Music.
Presented by Pins and Needles Fabric Company
A collaborative inter-arts project between artist and community.

Featuring work by Terre Chartrand, Nicole Battista, and Amanda Lowry. Performed by Heather Majaury, Pam Patel, and Nicholas Cumming. Technical assistance from Peter Turpin, and Mahir Hoque.

In the context of urban spaces, we are exploring the perceptions and realities of people as they move through the city scape. This project will focus on alleys and parking lots – during daylight, and during nighttime, and how the perceptions change over just a few hours.

Risk is a shifting concept, and what may make one person feel unsafe may represent a haven for another.

This project is data driven, digitally responsive, in part controlled by outside forces, with people’s bodies and lives all hung in the balance of an alley.

Also important in this process has been community collaboration. Pins and Needles as a collective cannot build a universal experience of alleys, but through working with the community, a collective experience beyond the sum of the parts of Pins and Needles will be presented in this experiment.

Many thanks to Ontario Arts Council, REAP, and the Tannery School of Music for their generous support of this project.

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