Tree of Knowledge

Young Women Picking Fruit From the Tree of Science or Knowledge

Samarian Woman 28 launched as a new collective in Waterloo Region atNight\Shift14. This event on the first of November, 2014 saw the installation of two creations by our collective.

Young Women Picking Fruit From the Tree of Science or Knowledge

This inter-arts project was installed at St. Peter’s Lutheran Church on Queen St in Kitchener, Ontario.  The tree-  a euonymus bush pruned into a tree over it’s lifetime – was felled in an ice storm, and saved for this project. The tree was suspended in the courtyard of the church, upside-down on which objects and tools were hung. These tools were chosen as items that have traditionally and non-traditionally been in the realm of knowledge for women. The tree also featured glow-in-the-dark elements as an element of illuminating from within, and also highlighting the notion growth.

An augmented reality accessed film was installed at the base of the bell tower in the courtyard of a woman eating apples, and reading books. She is an Eve character eating the apple of knowledge. She is tied in the space with the hanging tree itself, challenging the scope of original sin, and that of women acquiring and using tools, knowledge, and constructs for their own advancement and survival.

A flute soundtrack was composed and played into the space over speakers installed in windows facing the courtyard. The music provided an element tying in both pieces with allusions to growth, threat, survival and the building of self beyond expectation.

The inspiration for this specific installation is a painting by Mary Cassatt titled,Young Women Picking Fruit From the Tree of Science or Knowledge, which is the centre panel of a triptych mural titled, ‘Modern Women’.

The images below are of The Tree of Knowledge during the day. All photos by Deb Cripps.


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