Indian head test pattern projection

Pins and Needles Fabric Company is an intersectional, indigenous led, disabled practice in the arts. In this practice of art-making our focus is heavily on moving through and beyond historic and current traumas into spaces of understanding and healing. We create work from a community level focusing on hidden stories, fictional narratives, and fantastic realities.

Pins and Needles Fabric Company is a research focused, inter-arts, and multi-disciplinary practice that exists at the intersections of science and society, arts and technology, and methods and math. Through these lenses, we build art, build communities, and engage in pedagogies that authenticate lived realities and the meaning of justice.

The Pins and Needles Fabric Company was founded in 2015 as an inter-cultural feminist art and research based incorporated non profit using video, augmented reality, projection, sensors, and digital
display technologies, as well as performance, theatre, installation art, sound, noise and music. We are a loose collective of
folk established around building art in an atmosphere of broad collaboration with flattened hierarchies using project based methods.

The members of the collective founded Pins and Needles Fabric Company as a stopgap in a region known for hate crimes and stress for women. We  founded this collective as a response to the duress and anxiety of inhabiting areas of racism, homophobia, transphobia, and misogyny in both the digital and physical world.

Pins and Needles

Pins and Needles… what’s in a name?

Pins and needles – an expression for the tingling sensation that runs through your limbs. This name was originally conceived by Terre Chartrand and Kymberley Feltham for an earlier feminist inter-arts, contemporary dance, and installation based project. Pins and needles, and the fabric of our lives. A tingling meshed onto us through craft and feminist processes, building performance. A fabric company, the tissues that hold us together, that bind wounds, that clothe our bodies. The weaving and making of these garments held together with pins, stitched together with needles. A working together to bring altered sensation. This name has been graciously given to this project, as an ongoing exploration of feminist inter-arts.

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